What are you doing about the “Other”8 hours, and what it is doing for you…

I have just finished reading the book by Robert Pagliarini, “The Other 8 hours”, and was fascinated by the realisation of the other 8 hours in day. I used to go on day by day with my personal stuff without really thinking about it. I work for 8 hours and supposed to sleep for another 8 hours, then there is this “other 8 hours” which I never paid attention to…

The sad reality is that me and possibly many others we relax and want to rest after a “long day”, and never realize that one could and can do something profitable with the other 8 hours. Obviously then one will be a same situation year in year out.

Robert Pagliarini, enlightened me that by the time you get a wake up call, you would possibly be older and have no energy or even have some disease… because the older we get and don’t look after ourselves, lifestyle diseases, are bound to catch us. He is saying that successful people instinctively know the “the other 8 hours”, is the real “secret” to success and fulfilment. Day in day out while others squander this time, they invest in it.

What comes to my mind, is what Warren Buffet in this 10 things to do differently, number one is about finances, and says one need to consider a second income if one needs to grow financially, and it is equally during this “Other 8 hours”, one need to capitalize on.

What I have realized about my income is that every month it is not enough to cover all my expenses… and this happens religiously every God given month. I sometimes think whether my work place will ever make me financially independent. I don’t see any improvement. In the beginning of the financial year, I get annual increase of 5 – 7%, and this raise is consumed by all the other increases, e.g. medical aid, petrol, food, and my other daily expenses. Then another year passes and there is no change.

This book by Robert Pagliarini, is advising one to evaluate ones situation to say then, after work what is it that you are doing before going to bed, and this is the GREAT TIME TO DO SOMETHING. He says be the Cre8tor. Have a long-term plan on how you want to change your life. Don’t make excuses, because they are not going to take you anywhere. The next best thing you be sick of the disease called Excusitis, named by Dr Schwartz, in his best seller book, “The Magic of Thinking Big”.

Robert Pagliarini has identified six strategies that can help you get claim back your other 8 hours…

  1. Taking Control of Your Time – on this strategy, he takes/dissect you through your day, and look at time wasters you can eliminate, noncritical tasks you can reduce, and pockets of opportunity you can seize.
  2. Learning to say No – you need to protect time from yourself and others by digging a moat around it.
  3. Getting 9 hours Out of 8 – buying and boosting are two effective strategies you can implement tomorrow that will help you squeeze more out of the time you have.
  4. Chunking – in psychology, chunking is a strategy for making more efficient use of memory… it allows you to get more done by grouping multiple tasks together. It should not be confused with multitasking which means a difference strategy.
  5. Plugging into Positivity – really big positive change doesn’t require a lot of time… Sometimes the small things can produce massive effects – like a small spark in a dry forest. Sparks are positive reminders to think or do something, and they can create dramatic changes and results in your life. Sparks can also be reminders to do something, such as taking five deep breaths, stretching, sitting up straight, relaxing your muscles, closing your eyes, standing, etc.
  6. Using Technology – if you use the right technology correctly, it can help you get more of the 8 hours. There are different tools available that can assist you.

In  conclusion “The Other 8 hours” is all about investing your time in activities that pay the highest returns, whether financial, physical, or spiritual. If you are to succeed, you must stop doing those things that suck your time, distract you and take your energy. Eliminate all LifeLeeches that suck time and energy from you… this can be too much TV, News addiction, Internet and Social media, Perfectionism, Maximizing, Being disorganized, Health, Gossip, Celebrititus (a serious condition of spending time and energy obsessing over the lives of celebrities than you own), Video games, Porn, Being reactive, and answering the phone where you can ignore it.

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