Halfway down the year… Are your New Year’s resolutions still being fulfilled?

Every New Year we set ourselves goals or resolutions of what we want to achieve at the end of the year. With me the excitement only lasts for two weeks and would eventually forget what I wanted to do for myself. For the past few years, I decided NOT to make any resolutions because I don’t adhere to achieve them.

People like to make two resolutions of going to the gym and start saving money.

Well with the gym resolution, it frustrates me, when I get there for the first three weeks in January, it is packed to capacity, and will have to wait for more than twenty minutes to get a machine to exercise. So I decided to finish exercising late in December of the previous year so that in January I go back to the gym late in the month, when all the “New Year resolutions” people are no longer there. These group of people will join us in the gym again in August/September in preparation for the December holidays. Though they are not as many as the January crew.

This is equally the same when it comes to saving money for rainy days. One will consider to save for only a few month and default and not save again until end of the year and start the same resolution. For me I have implemented monthly debit orders from the day I get my monthly salary so that I don’t get tempted to use the money or divert it to something else. Over the past five years I have religiously being doing this and the amount is accumulating good interest.

Now both going to the gym and saving  are part of me… if I don’t go to the gym, my body tells me… if its been a while that I have not exercised my body feel completely different, and it just means I have to go…

I have just completed a book by Jim Stovall, “The Art of Productivity”, which reminded me about these resolutions. Jim is blind… blind… yes… he cannot see, and has written more than thirty books. He has also established a television network company called Narrative Television Network (NTN). Stovall says, “we live in a society full of people who love to blame their mediocrity on everyone and everything other themselves”. He reiterates words from Dr David Schwartz, “The Magic of Thinking Big”, when it comes to failure, ones excuse is about as good as another”.

Next time your life in not turning out the way you wanted it to be, don’t blame anyone else, just use Jim Stovall’s world famous, one-size-fits all, 100% money back guaranteed excuse for all situations. He stresses that if you are going to live life of your dreams through the Art of Productivity you need to master motivation, communication and implementation, and you have to totally be honest with yourself about where you are.

A person who doesn’t make a choice is not better off than a person who doesn’t have  a choice at all, but a person who accepts less than true destiny is relegated to a life of mediocrity.

“Your destiny awaits”, Jim Stovall

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