Building Confidence and destroy FEAR !!!

In the previous blog, I posted different types of excuses that people give if they are not interested or are unwilling to do something. Because some people are not confident enough to address their fears some rather will come with all sorts of excuses, hence Dr Schwartz called this Excusitis as a disease.

Dr Schwartz identifies different types of fear and indicates that most fears are psychological, .i.e. worry, tension, embarrassment, panic and all of them comes from mismanaged, negative imagination.

One need to beat the fear and build confidence. This confidence can then be used to build up ones posture as well as taking business risks.

According to Dr Schwartz FEAR is enemy no.1 as it stops people from capitalizing on an opportunity, fear wears down physical vitality, fear makes people sick.

We need to recognize that FEAR does exist and is real, we should recognize it before we can conquer it.

What cures one from FEAR is ACTION – taking action encourages one to defeat fear. Dr Schwartz identifies two specific things to do to build confidence through efficient management of your memory bank;

  1. Deposit only positive thoughts in your memory bank – confident successful people on the other hand don’t give it another though, they specialize in putting positive thoughts into their memory bank.
  2. Withdraw only positive thoughts from your memory bank – if you find yourself thinking about negative side, turn your mind off completely. your mind wants to forget the unpleasant.

Dr Schwartz gives a few ideas on how to make a conscious effort to practice them and build your confidence, e.g.

  • Be a front seater – generally people like to sit at the back in a class or in a meeting or even in churches, and the reason they are afraid to be conspicuous is that they lack confidence. Sitting up in front builds confidence, and practice it.
  • Practice making eye contact – how a person uses his/her eyes tells a lot about him/herself. Usually failure to make eye contact says one or two things, it may say, “I feel afraid of you”, or avoiding another person’s eyes say, “I feel guilty”. Make your eyes work for you. Aim a person right at they person’s eyes. It not only gives you confidence too, it says you know what you are talking about.
  • Walk 25 percent faster – psychologists link slovenly posture and sluggish walk to unpleasant attitudes towards oneself work and the people around us. There is say that changing your posture and speed of movement can build confidence.
  • Practice speaking up – the more you speak up, the more you add to your confidence, and the easier it is to speak up the next time. Speaking up it’s a confidence building vitamin. Make a point to speak up at every open meeting you attend. Comment, make a suggestion and ask a question, and don’t be the last to speak. Try to be a ice-breaker, the first one in which to comment.
  • Smile BIG – we are told that laughter/smile is an excellent medicine for confidence deficiency. A big smile gives you confidence, it beat fear, rolls away worry, and defeats despondency.

While using these tips of beating fear, the next build-up is about HOW TO THINK BIG…

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