August is women’s month in South Africa. How is your economy… as a woman?

Generally we often look at what is happening in the country about the economy. Yet in most cases anything that is happening around markets and the economy, that we cannot really do much to change it. There is a say that something that you cannot control or change, why bother or have sleepless nights about it because you cannot change.

The reason am bringing this to the fore, is that as women we need to FOCUS ON OUR ECONOMY, because that’s what we have control over. What does focusing on our economy imply, or what does it mean? Generally looking at ones economy, one will be concerned about income, expenditure, profits/surplus, and losses. These elements are part of the balance sheet.

Is your balance sheet showing a surplus/profit or losses? As a working person, the balance sheet might not be showing positive results, due to various factors, e.g. the costs of food, petrol, medical aid, and transport to work. While the percentage of your increase this year might be anything between 5 – 8%.

In my previous blog, I indicated that the percentage of Value-Added Tax, has increased to 15% in South Africa, and every other expenditure have been negatively affected by this. Statistics South Africa has released unemployment rate on 31 July 2018 to have increased to 27.2%, and every month there has been increases in the cost of petrol.

All the above factors above, as a woman, you cannot change. We can change our own balance sheet which has a direct influence on our economy. Unfortunately the biggest area that affect ones balance is the expenditure. What are you doing about your expenditure? Are you looking at areas where you can save some few rand around expenditure. Part of expenditure includes, “groceries”, that we buy month after month without really looking at what areas of this expenditure one save on. We religious go to our retail stores to buy groceries, without having second thoughts.

Now is the time to relook at this and consider, ONLINE SHOPPING. There are platforms available that you can order and get delivery within reasonable time. These platforms sells groceries that are needed on a monthly basis, at discounted prices, because deliveries comes directly from the manufacturers straight to you as a customer, without involving a middleman in the process. A middleman is the one who puts mark-up in prices that the manufacturer costs less between 10-30%, and you as a customer pays 100% of the product.

While you are saving on your groceries, this money can be saved towards your children’s education or sport, or even towards your retirement. You can contact me for more information around these platforms.

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