The purpose of this personal blog is to challenge the traditional financial system, which in a way is not assisting the three critical challenges faced in South Africa, which are;

  • Inequality
  • Poverty, and
  • Unemployment

My observation to the three critical challenges, is that they create other related problems in the system, which is crime, and is spiralling on a day-to-day basis. While  I am reading financial and motivational books, my view is what can assist bloggers in addressing these issues and the country at large.

I am also interested in the daily business reviews on media and radio, and as individuals, what these reviews or updates are saying… its not assisting people in the ground. My take is that for South Africa to be able to address and solve these critical areas, we need to look at other ways and methods, since the traditional methods are not assisting with alleviating these challenges.

About the Blogger

My name is Brenda Molatlhegi, I have 22 years’ experience on Information, and Communication Technology. I am passionate and interested in financial management and well-being of myself and other people.

I want to contribute in empowering people on matters related to finances through engagements and debates, and analysis of financial books and motivational books.

I want to be financially independent and am always perturbed by traditional financial advisors who says they advise people on finances and them themselves are not financial independent. Because they sign up with financial institutions they would sell you products from those institutions, instead of looking at what other financial options are available in the market.

The Blog will look at what other options are available out there and how one can tap into such, so that eventually one is financial stable and independent.